Friday, March 2, 2012

crying in public

I have a problem.

I'm an emotional wreck. One would assume that this is a direct result of being pregnant but I must admit that it is an ongoing problem. Bursting into tears over the simplest things just because I've had a bad day or I'm tired.

There was the time it happened when my sisters and Candace ganged up on me and stole my cookie dough, the time Dad asked me to bring some loaves of bread in from the car, the time my family ate all the salad at dinner while I was gone for 5 seconds to the bathroom....

It happened again.

Aaron and I have been taking some birth classes, which have actually been really informative and have prepared me (I think) for what it may be like. During the second class they showed a video of the first real delivery I have seen. It was a home video and rather badly done (corny music and lots of moaning while rocking back and forth). There was nothing gory but you could tell it wasn't the most wonderful experience of her life. So the climax comes and a wee baby babe is born, the new Daddy announces, "it's a girl!" and the new Mommy whispers to her baby, "it was worth it!"

My eyes had begun watering at the Daddy saying the gender and by the time the Mommy made her comment? Body wracking sobs.

I married a good man- he squelched his laughter, put his arm around me and tried to ignore the sympathetic looks from the male half of the other six couples in the room.