Thursday, July 26, 2012

homemade, low fat, no flour or sugar ice-cream: mashed bananas!

I have an addiction: chocolate ridden and sugar filled fake ice-cream. During the winter I manage to contain myself but when it's 100 degrees outside and we don't have central air??! I eat a massive bowl at least once a day. Well I've found a new best friend: frozen, mashed bananas! I saw this concoction pop up on facebook, blogs and pinterest before I believed that it MIGHT actually taste ok:P

Take a frozen banana, peel it, chop it, stick it into a food processor. Blend it, stirring occasionally and then enjoy. If the banana flavor bothers you try blending in peanut butter, melted chocolate, cocoa, baking chips or jam. OHLALA!

If you eat it really fast and don't think about it too hard it almost tastes like soft serve ice-cream and if you freeze it like hard ice-cream.

Here's the peanut butter hard ice-cream version: