For Sale: Pretty Pillow Covers

I made these pillow covers a couple of months back and Aaron doesn't like the colour. Anyone want them??? I'm thinking $25 for the pair, plus whatever shipping costs. Hopefully we'd be able to avoid shipping. If you're interested or have questions please email me at agelss(at)hotmail(d0t)com with "pretty pillows" in the subject line and we'll work something out!

The fabric is outdoor, so extremely durable and easily washed. The seams are all zigzaged to prevent fraying. The lettering and stems are done with thin ivory ribbon that is sewed on. Computer monitors all show colour differently, they are a soft grey and ivory. Size: the covers measure about 18.5"x18.5". I have 20"x20" feather pillows in them now and they look good. Only the covers are included. We'll figure out payment if someone even wants them!