Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another walk in the park only this time in March

The weather here has been GORGEOUS! I mean, it's the beginning of April and our lawn desperately needs mowing!

My one main complaint with this pregnancy are my hips. They have ached since about month 3 and now Babe is sitting on a nerve which makes it OH APPROXIMATELY ONE MILLION TIMES WORSE.

Normally one would take advantage of the beautiful weather and go for runs, walks, bike rides etc. Instead Aaron and I go for ambles. Short ambles. Here are some photos from the last one:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March: Nursery

Today you get to see the nursery:) It's basically done, as in the walls are painted, the carpet is installed, the trim is even in!!! We have most of babe's stuff in there but haven't hung anything on the walls yet, nor have we figured out the queen size bed supports. Right now it's just a mattress on the floor with the quilt draped over it. But when Mom and Dad come they'll have somewhere to sleep other than the pull out couch with a bar that shoves into your backside no matter which way you lie. Our poor guests:P

This block is as finished as it is now. I made the queen duvet cover, crib quilt, change table cover and summer swaddle blanket.

Gifts and in progress shots of projects. Homemade baby wipes, burp cloths, receiving blankets, quilt planning, cradle (that Aaron slept in when he was wee), homemade cradle sheet, Aaron's "goodnight moon" quilt from when he was little and the mobile pieces.

The grunt work. The baby room has taken more time than any other project in our house! We ended up re-drywalling the whole thing as it was in such bad shape. At that point Aaron had the bright idea of twinkle lights and beams. I mean, why do it simply when you have the option of making it complicated?!?!