Saturday, December 30, 2006


This blog was started with the assumption that most of you would know its purpose but I'll restate for those of you who are out of the 'angelina loop'.

I am heading to a mission school in Africa. I'll be there for the first 3 1/2 months of my trip and I'm really looking forward to it. Then the Thomson's have generously agreed to tour me around Scotland and northeren England for 2 weeks and I'm on my own for London.

I have a couple of goals for while I am gone and this is one of them: reaquainting myself with my purpose. Eph 1:12 "That we should be to the praise of his glory...".

I'll try to keep this blog updated while I am gone as I know some of you await with baited breath every entry on this site:P This will save me from having to super analyze who I decided to email throughout my trip. AHHHHHHHH!!!

PS- You must needs forgive all spelling errors. I was homeschooled:P


Anonymous said...

HEY! Homeschoolers have no excuses! You had one-on-one tutoring your whole school life!!

Angelina Lynn said...

I learnt, conquered, and promptly forgot. (Yes, I ran a cool high 90% avg in my spelling tests!)

Anonymous said...

I recently found an old "report card" that my dad used to give us at the end of each school year. It's hilarious, cuz he could've put down anything he wanted to. It was on a neatly folded loose-leaf page with his font-like writing in blue pen. Back then I looked at it like it was an official document. Now I see this and it seems so funny. But he wasn't biased. I look back at the marks he gave me, and it makes sense. (Art vs. social studies)... hmmmmm

Alice said...

- Ha, are you blaming your mom for your spelling, or lack af spelling ability. Don't your the only person i can e-mail without worying that you will catch every error i make. Missing you already

Anonymous said...

Hi there ,
we are pleased to see you getting acquainted with your surroundings , especially the wild live (ants) . So far you have been true to your promise not to send/display any pictures which may remined us poor manitobans of warm weather , ie. you in a bathingsuit. Looking forward to hear about your spirital journey . Love in Christ ,
Thomas and Brigitte