Thursday, February 22, 2007

ultimate angelina basket ball

Internet usage here has hit rock bottom as we have pretty much used up are allotted amount for February, because of this I can only check my hotmail (and other web based emails) once a week. Monday is the chosen day as it's my afternoon off. So family and friends email me Sunday's please!

I have another bug to introduce you to: It's called Cicada. It looks like a grasshopper on steroids. It's big, fat and supremely ugly. The worst part about it though is that it screeches continually and it actually hurts your ears. Last night it was hard getting to sleep.

I tried teaching a dumbed down version of Ultimate Frisbee to the junior's today. (I know: It's on my list of 'sport's Angelina will not play unless everyone else is as inept as she is'.) However I changed the rules to make it more user friendly to the non-athletic people in the group. (Take note all, it's sure to catch on like wild fire.)

You use a soft rubber ball. The ball is passed by throwing and once it is caught you are not allowed to take any steps. You may drop the ball without turnover occurring. We used a garbage basket at each end of the field and they had to throw the ball at it to score a point. It didn't go off too well because the kids don't understand the concept of man-to-man defense. The only concept they get is, "There's the ball, I want the ball, I will chase the ball and hop up and down in front of the person who has the ball in hopes that they will pass it to me". So picture 20 kids around one ball. The other 10 kids were spaced throughout the field with sticks in hand, crouched low drawing in the sand. Only one got stepped on. Talk about a waterfall of tears. I wasn't very sympathetic, "What do you think is going to happen when your sitting in the middle of a wild game of 'ultimate angelina basket ball'?!?!?"

Speaking of waterfalls….. Last Saturday at noon the seniors had to say from memory 10 verses. They had two weeks to learn them. I have the grade 5 girls for handwork from 10:00am – noon. I had five girls desperately trying to memorize all 10 verses while embroidering. By the end of class three of them had burst into tears. You ask why all this passion about overdue memory verses? Only those who had completed the verses were allowed to partake of the homemade ice cream at Sunday lunch. I didn't know whether to split a gut laughing at them or to join in with their tears (the ice cream is super yummy).

Sweet to the furniture Mrs. J! You are reading my journal. I do keep a personal one but it's more my thoughts and contemplations rather than experiences, and I must admit that I'm not really faithful to it.

Carla, do you remember me trying to explain physics to you? Running around the basement and into walls for the sole purpose of demonstrating a physics problem to you? It was hopeless. Thankfully you now have Jody to get you out of ruts. (Hi Jody! Happy 1st engagement anniversary!!)

Krista, they have bamboo bushes here that are as tall as the trees on Rupertsland. Try putting one of them in a vase. Sorry for the roof talk. Couldn't help myself. I had a silly grin on my face the whole while I was typing it. Another occasion for the silly grin was when I had to do an answer key for grade 7/8 math word problems. It was glorious. I forgot how much fun they were.

Some hellos in no particular order: Candace, NEVER just blab for the sake of blabbing. Love ya! Geeeooooorrrrrgggggiiiiiaaaaaa. Hi. Grin. Want to go on a mega bike ride when I get back to Canada? Jessica, oh sweet distance (do you get it? Huh? Huh?!!!!). Ma, when I get home can you make me a chocolate cheesecake? I miss our phone conversations. Love you bundles. Daddy, thanks so much for putting up with having me for a daughter. I admire you. Hugs. Carla, happy 22nd birthday! I was trying to figure out how old you were and I ended up having to do the current year minus my birth year minus 2. Only problem was I couldn't remember the current year. I'm going to be a scary old person. Alice and family, many hugs and lots of love. Krista, thank you for being (almost) solely responsible for our friendship. You're one in a million. Short Shy Shawna Babes, I think you're the cutest person I know. Plus you've got the biggest heart. Gaby, I need to go rollerblading. By the time I get back the park will be almost perfect. Is it a date? Love ya! Rachelle, hiiiiiiii! Email me an update! Here's a big hug. To all of you in Brandon, I miss you guys and am looking forward to my return hugs!

Sorry this is so long. I really must try to change life long habits and become short winded. Believe it or not there is more I had planned on saying but for the sake of those wishing to continue on with life - Adios!


Gab said...

Angelina - we are SO on for rollerblading. I've been missing it sooooo much. (I think so has my blubber)
Those ugly grasshoppers sound horrible. I don't know how you're handling it. I decided I won't be moving into my parent's basement because of the few sal bugs my mom has recently spotted. I will be swapping rooms with Patrick instead - AWAY from the basement. I don't want bugs crawling into my clothes and books that will inevitably end up on my bedroom floor. Never mind eating bugs from a cracker box. I don't know how you keep your sanity. Have you seen mosquitoes much??

enough bug talk. Have a great week and keep me posted on the tree hugging. Come back soon!!

cand said...

wow - when i opened your blog i never expected your acceptance speech for the oscars.

carla said...

hey angelina!!
I miss you lots! When you come back you'll have to spend the weekend and we can have a scrapbooking party!! Candace and i just scrapbooked today and i only got two pages done in 3 hours. so i'll need a whole weekend. whens your due back date? it's been forever already :-( love you lots

krista said...

haha funny candace, that's kind of what it sounded like:) appreciated the comments though, als!!! so most of the kids there can speak english, i assume? since you were able to teach (in the broadest sense of the word) them a game, and ovbiously don't speak their language?? can you say much in their language (which is...)? i had two VERY promising interviews at a small insurance place near our house (with the husband, then the wife) and they are getting back to me on monday. it sounds PERFECT, so PRAY!!
love you!

Mr T said...

Whenever you feel a tiny bit homesick, just read that sentence, 'Candace and i just scrapbooked today and i only got two pages done in 3 hours'! I would rather eat bugs.

I am booking your journey to London today.

"G" said...

All I can say ALS is GROAN, to your attempt at this crazy game of "Ultimate Basketball". With that said, please teach me when you get home. ;) I won't say too much here as today is the day I sit down and REALLY email you. I hope it is the hotmail address because that is where it is going to. Georgia

Anonymous said...

So i really just woke up early to finish my work on the computer thats due today... but then i got frustrated with it so I decided to read your blog instead, and that just made me even more frustrated because you use to many big and complicated words for malories little brain to understand. hah, i like your ultimate basketball though. Very youish. Byees, miss you.

sms said...

hey als!!
i miss u tons! specialy when i was at the mitchell mini conference thing, and all the brandonites were out, and i had to stop myself craning to see where u were sitting amongst them:(:( it made me sad. thanks fer finally puttin up those pics!! that slide and zippy thing look FUN! i can't believe u've not tried it yet, id prob be like the kids who run as fast as the can to the top so that they can ride as much as they can on the alotted time aloud out in the pool!!:) but then i can't see u doing that:):)
love you lots and lots!