Friday, February 9, 2007

wee wee wednesdays

Hi all- sorry I haven’t posted in a whole 5 long days. Its been crazy to put it mildly. I’ve caught the head cold that the kids have been passing around (such good sharers they are). Plus Mr. and Mrs. Headmaster had to travel south to the capitol to try figuring out a bit of a labour dispute. So I am covering most of her classes and am exhausted. Today I went for a nap at 11:30 and conked out. I woke up an hour later, which put me past the appropriate time for lunch. Yes, horrors of horrors: I missed lunch. No worries though- I rummaged through the pantry and managed to find sustenance before I passed out from lack of food.

Onto my main subject: Wee Wee Wednesday’s. There are a number of children here who like to go whenever the need hits and wherever they happen to be standing or sitting. (Last year Nkheke was expelled for doing this and other things in her pants. She is the same one who doesn’t like mashed potatoes.) Chimwemwe has gone on a bean bag, on a stool, at her desk in class, on the rug, on her bed (during the day at rest hour when not sleeping and through all layers of blankets) and on the playground. She has gotten paddled for this but it hasn’t seemed to have deterred her.

For some reason Wednesday is their favourite day for this altercation. It’s swimming lesson and river all afternoon, and the only bathroom facility in the near vicinity is an outhouse. My theory is that they hate the place and so seek to find alternatives. So this last Wednesday I was on river duty and was trying to take a picture of a group of three girls in the sand. Nkheke couldn’t pose properly as she was huddled under her raincoat. So I strongly suggested she toss it. As she moved I noticed what she had been trying to cover: wet shorts. She was not the only one. I took the two culprits up to the dorm to wash up. They had to miss movie night and both wailed at the injustice.


Rachel said...

That would be so uncomfortable.Gross!
Well I dropped Mom and Dad off yesterday.We(D,C,and I)will pick them up on Monday,Feb.19th.They were so excited and just like you they will be enjoying warm weather while I'm freezing.

Suzie said...

It's the same here! I started work in a nursery on Monday(part of school work- I'll be there for 6 months) and there were a few kids wetting themselves the other day and every time they were changed they did it again!
I'm glad I didn't have to clean them up!

Hope you get better soon!

Gab said...

colourful stories! Sounds like you're having fun with the kids. I've been internet-absent for about a week (SHOCKER), and now I am back online baby! It's good to be back in the loop and keeping up with your (very long) blog.

Wow, you already have 1 month of Africa in your belt. Time flies. You're certainly not missing much here in deep-freeze-Winnipeg. It's been stupid cold for too long. Someone stole my extension cord off my car last week, on the coldest night ever (when it dipped to -50 with the windchill). To my surprise, my car started - without it being plugged in, but my car was hurtin' so bad. Oooh. so so cold. Today the sun was really bright and actually warm, but the air was still a solid -30. Why, oh, why? Spring isn't coming fast enough.

Well, here I am posting a longer comment than your post. And talking about weather. Am I getting old? Actually, I did. Last week. I am an old lady now. Let me know about the tree hugging and drop me a line to confirm whether it's been done in my honour yet or not. (and what kind of tree it was too).

toodles als.