Friday, March 2, 2007

Birthday Party

This past week has been really busy as it was Birthday Party. Each term there is one big birthday party for all the birthday's that occurred during that same term. The theme this term was the 'Wild West'. Hilarious watching African children attempt the American Midwestern accent while wearing vests, cowboy hats or kerchiefs (or neckchiefs?). I dressed up as a prairie farmer lady. It was the easiest costume I could find. The attic of the main sitting room is loaded up with all types of costume's. It's any kids dream come true.

Each class performed a song and a dance. There was also a variety of skits. I laughed so hard. I have short clips of some of them so when I come home if you care to see them just give a yell.

I had a revelation yesterday: I look better when I actually do my hair in the morning. Hence the 'yuck' picture. It also helps if you don't let kids touch it. Another funny thing about my appearance: Just after I first arrived Mark had asked Leah how I was adjusting. Leah, "She seems to be doing ok, only she was super pale when she got off the plane and I'm worried she's getting sick." Mark reminded Leah what Canadian winters do to skin tones.

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krista said...

*grin* wanna see all those costumes:):)