Monday, May 28, 2007

...and she lived happily ever after

I am safely at home. Sitting in my blue carpeted living room starring out the picture window which faces a train yard and, believe it or not, parked trains. Settling in to life with my new, amazingly wonderful (see if she even reads my blog!) roommate. Her name is Jessica and she works in the pharmaceutical industry. She makes me think. People who make me think are in my ‘I like book’.

So, our new house. You come in the front door and are greeted by white and country blue. This is our great room. I have three favorite items in this room: First a 24”x24” fake oil painted of a large pink flower. Second my display of fake stainless objects on the counter. Namely my spice rack, loose tea from London and my two spice rubs. Third my elephant motif. Brownie points to anyone who knows the ‘real’ meaning of ‘motif’. Laundry, two bedrooms, bathroom and (this is the best part!) a linen closet!!!

I am situated 2.3 kms from work so I’m trying to walk it everyday. Not exactly wonderful walking through an industrial park in the early morning (gravel flying at you every time a car zooms by you and curious glances from all the drivers hurrying to work at their various plants). However I can make the walk shorter by crawling under the train parked beside my house, and walking through mid calf length grass. I’ve christened these trail blazings the ‘ANGELINA ADVENTURES’.

I am quickly running out of content that anyone besides myself and my dearest friends (wait you’re the only ones who read this anyway!) would find even a little interesting so to quote Looney Toons, “Ththththats all folks!”



Suz said...

Bring back the African Angelina!! lol!

cand said...

how is being back at work?

katie said...

* *
* * * * *
* ' ' *
* @ *
* 0 *
* *
That is a cat!!! lol :-)

katie said...

sorry it wasn't meant to look like that but the page is on align left so it went wrong

The Space Between said...

nice to see you back on blogosphere. If you're running out of things to write, reminisce about africa - tell us stories of old. Tell it all!

Mr T said...

Or tell us about Mr Darcy