Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sault Ste. Marie

36 hours of driving and I only have 4 days off work. This is when one wonders at the lack of sence within oneself.


The Space Between said...

she emerges from her dormant state in the land of lines of steel and structural blue-prints! She has typed the words of her mind onto the cyber paper! She is alive!

I was just about to comment: "Yeah, and so have you!" in response to your post you just left for me... and then, lo and behold, you surprised me with a post (short, but still, existent)

well done, curly friend, well done.

now where's that email you promised me for tonight! I have my inbox retrieving incoming emails at 2-minute intervals. I'm waiting!

-From your annoying friend.

(ps: after posting this comment the first time, I noticed spelling errors, so I deleted it to fix and re-post, and now it has this huge "comment deleted". How aesthetically unpleasing. Sorry)

Mr T said...

And we, your avid readers, wonder too at the lack of science within. For we dare not suggest that there is no sense to be found.