Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tears and Weddings

Two down two to go!

Another sister got married this past Saturday and, as was mentioned, a blizzard raged outside. The cold wasn’t too bad even with only a bridesmaid dress and light wool shawl, it was the wind. My hair was firmly anchored with a gallon of hairspray yet when I stepped outside it felt like it was going to be ripped off. Side note: If you consider yourself to be of the brave heroic sort, come visit us in the dead of winter.

The wedding went beautifully, my speech, the many performances by Shawna (the other unmarried sister), the food, the dresses (sewn by Mom) and the actual marrying part. I do remember one moment that was less than perfect. Wailing. Gut wrenching sobs. A snort. And, hold your horses folks, I am recalling the visual: A mouth at it’s furthest possible extension, shoulders rising and falling with alarming frequency and big juicy tears rolling down rosy cheeks (sandblasted from the aforementioned wind).

You begin to ponder on the possible source of this vision: A drunk wedding crasher? The Mother of the Bride? A jilted ex (or wanna be)? An over emotional guest who has just suffered the loss of her husband?

No, I respond to all of these suggestions! It was the younger sister of the Bride, bridesmaid #2, just between the signing of the registry and the final presentation of the couple.

Let us all raise our glasses in a toast to Shawna, for her deep love and appreciation for the state of marriage.


sms said...

something to say in my defence...
if you see your sister slowly fall in love with a guy, and know that this guy has the extreme power to utterly break her heart, but he doesn't, and he marries her instead. and you imagine just how happy your sister is, and the look on her face just makes everything all the more beautiful, how can respond to it other than gut retching sobs i ask you??

Caitlin said...

... haha

i mistook it for laughter and thought to myself, "shawna... now is not the time..."


Mr T said...

Brave and heroic sort calling in - I was at the Winnipeg zoo in -35c and snowshoed Fort White in -40c

I am deeply disappointed in sms. What a performance! And what a low estimation of mankind! This is Mark we are talking about. However was he going to utterly break her heart? They may as well have got married the day they met. It was destiny.

Anyhow - just look at the breeding on the elder bridesmaid. That's made in England for you. Perfectly straight back, head held high. A perfect model of dignity if ever I saw one.

You are raising the stakes girl, he is going to have to be a real gentleman.

Gabrielle Touchette said...

aaaah loooooooooove! This is the only picture I've seen of the wedding and it looks beautiful!

krista said...

awww shawna. althought my first repsonse upon seeing you after coming out of my daze of oh-my-goodness-i-just-got-married was to join my bridesmaids in laughing at your display of emotion, that quickly gave way to a happy sort of sorrow and you nearly had me in tears. thankfully me and mark took off down the aisle to a jaunty fiddling tune right after so i didn't have time to dwell on those feelings:):) i love you!!! you pretty much have my hour-long sob at the end of carla's wedding BEAT!! i heard the song you and rosie sang at my wedding the other night on the radio while having supper with mark and i promptly burst into tears after the first few strains. mark's like, a little obliviously, "why are you crying????"

haha (btw please read this, since i just posted a long, pretty much email sized comment directed ONLY to you!!! on angelina's blog... haha)

krista said...

haha and angelina, the title of this post could give hope to all those old and young biddies vying for the role of matchmaker in your life!

krista said...

whatever. not the title, but the first line. why do i always have to ruin my witty comments by dumb explanations?