Thursday, April 24, 2008

female teenaged computers

Okay, so my last post was a cop out in that I basically made you all read a forward. Well sorry to disappoint but this is another cop out. I was reading the help desk postings at work (this is the best way to find out if someone new has been hired in your department) and found this gem. I could not contain my full belly laugh. Enjoy:

"Last night my computer wouldn't shut down for some reason. I removed a black cord sticking out of the wall and it seemed to help it shut down. This morning my computer turned on, Outlook opened, but no contacts. I closed outlook and attempted to open it again, It was mad at me so it wouldn't open. After about 5 attempts to open outlook I went to the help desk and about 4 mintues later as I'm typing in my troubles, outlook opened. Go figure. And then my contacts appeared. This is a critical issue and is causing a lot of distress. I'm concerned my computer is developing a personality similar to my teenage children. They need me, I need them, we love each other deeply, but when called upon to do something... they suddenly have something else they'd rather do. In human years, how old is my computer and is it by chance a girl?"


krista said...

i was feeling pretty blah and sort of like weeping (which i will blame on my current state of being) for no real reason, and then i came on here and saw the new picture at the top of your blog. it either really cheered me up or brought me even closer to crying, i'm not sure. either way love you angelina!!

Mr T said...

I see your monitor needs calibrating again. Or maybe jaundice runs in the family. Is that sheep dye in your hair? The latest craze is to number them. I will try to get photographic evidence. Missing you on your first anniversary. The cupboards are full of breakfast cereals with noone to eat them.