Monday, January 3, 2011

New Duties

I am now a housewife, with what will one day be the cutest little house ever. Unfortunately that “one day” seems in the rather distant future. So until then I am extraordinary or uncommon in that I live, cook and clean in a perpetual construction zone. When afters occur I’ll post them but I’ll leave the before shots to your imagination.

We moved in right after our wedding with limited lights, the drywall and plaster in a state of disrepair (ie barely holding on to the walls), floors covered in an embedded layer of plaster dust and dirt, bags and boxes of old plaster, tools and materials over every available surface, plexiglass/plywood windows and my most darling honey. Our kitchen was livable. I had a gorgeous stove, old fridge, plastic laundry tub for a kitchen sink, utility shelf for cupboards and folding table for my countertop. Our living room was inhabited by a little table with two chairs, a pull out couch and a lazy-boy. My mother and aunt went crazy before the wedding trying to get our bedroom painted- accomplished! And while we were on our honeymoon my in-laws carpeted our bedroom. The bathroom was started but my husband wanted this really intense shower made with a mix of glass block and tile. He ran out of time so for the first four months of marriage we showered at my in-laws. Oh the day he finished it, I will never again underestimate the joy of being able to shower when it’s wanted rather than desperately needed!

My dad was working on the electrical while Aaron was setting up our “kitchen sink” and was commenting that I actually had it pretty good. My husband cared enough about me to make sure I had running water in my kitchen. Not so his wife. Mom and Dad built a house when I was 5-10 (yes, it took them that long) and when they moved in Mom had to get her water from the bathroom all the way across the house and lug it to the kitchen to do her housewifely duties.

Have I ever mentioned how much I admire my mom?!


Anonymous said...

awesome - and i love that i'm a link :)

krista said...

yay! i love reading your blog. keep it up:) i am commenting several minutes after i read your post and can't actually remember what you talked about so i can't comment specifically... but good job! love you:)

Trena said...

Love it!! Never will underestimate the joy of showering whenever you want not just when absolutely necessary???? 'Twill probably happen again when you have kids....I'm there right now!!

Angelina Lynn said...

HAHA- that's what I've heard:) But are adorable cuddly children worth it?!!