Wednesday, February 23, 2011

tears, happiness and sorrow

PHEWPH. It's been one of those weekends. The kind where, when it's over, you want to crawl into a hole a sleep. This weekend was our conference and it went really well. (More on that later.) After the weekend I had to help aaron with work stuff, and apparently I am out of practice. We worked till midnight the first night and till five the second day. I ache. Every single muscle in my body hurts. Aaron says this is how he feels when he comes home everyday. Maybe I owe him a little more sympathy??! It was so bad yesterday afternoon that I have a story on myself.

I was industrially working away and Aaron was so finished that all he could do was wander around. He decides he needs some tool from home. Thirty minutes later he appears with a coffee from our favorite (really cool, local) coffee shop. It's a white hot chocolate espresso. Note: I love white hot chocolate and hate coffee. He loves coffee. He thought I would appreciate the hot chocolate part and be able to deal with the coffee part. So I'm in the middle of telling him that when I first saw the cup I thought it was all for meeeee and that it was my faaaaavvvooooorriiite whittteee hooooot (and by this time I am bawling my eyes out). When I was done crying and he was done laughing I felt much better. It's kinda like the time I cried because somebody ate all the lettuce. I asked him why he married an emotional roller coaster and he just laughed again. Poor guy.

So the conference. It was good:) I can't remember all the messages but I do remember some tidbits that have sunk in (hopefully).

First- reading your bible with technology spread around you within arms reach is NOT how to read. You can't concentrate (you'd think this would be obvious enough that it doesn't need to be stated, but it did).

Second- true happiness. All found through the Lord Jesus not through stuff and surroundings. Aaron and I have talked about this a lot over the past year or so especially in light of what we have and don't have as newly weds. And really- it doesn't matter. Those things (ie kitchens) would not make us any happier at all. The speaker went through and talked about the things that DO make us happier.

Third- sorrow. I haven't really had to deal with it personally, I know it will come though. Plus, you look at others and the intensity of sorrow that they have to deal with is just beyond my comprehension. Death, illness, waywardness, childlessness... again, I cannot imagine. It makes you realize how small and incapable you are. One of our family members had to go into the hospital because of a weird/scary health thing. I had myself so worked up and it just made me think about how short life is, we are not owed any length or quality of time. God is good.

Fourth- 2 Sam 17. Called Elijah the Tishbite in the beginning of the chapter and a man of God by the end. To be a man/woman of God.

And if you want to hear the messages (they haven't been posted yet but will be) go here.

And now I need to go have a nap.


cand said...

i miss you :)

Shelley said...

Oh Angelina, I wish I could tell your dear hubby that things will get better. But alas, I still have those moments and in June we will be 15 years. I am glad he can laugh (for HIS sake) but it sure does not help US feel better at the time of the break down. I FEEL your pain, I am VERY similar. Later, I always say to myself, "Really, it was not THAT big of a deal!" But at the time, the tears just flow!!

LOVE your honesty and you!!!

Kylie said...

I can totally relate to tears over things that my husband can laugh at (and eventually I can laugh too).
When Jon and I first got married, I was very overwhelmed by EVERYTHING. Moving, new family etc...And one Sunday we were driving to meeting, and I had a bowl of cereal in the car for some reason.
Well, I spilled the cereal all over me and the car, and that's all it too for the waterworks to start. And then everything came out like iamsolonelyimissmyparentsimissmyhouseidontlikemyjobispilledcerealonme. And it wasn't about the car being covered in cheerios, or my outfit being soaked, but I was just feeling so overwhelmed. Loved the post, and the recap of the conference!