Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another walk in the park only this time in March

The weather here has been GORGEOUS! I mean, it's the beginning of April and our lawn desperately needs mowing!

My one main complaint with this pregnancy are my hips. They have ached since about month 3 and now Babe is sitting on a nerve which makes it OH APPROXIMATELY ONE MILLION TIMES WORSE.

Normally one would take advantage of the beautiful weather and go for runs, walks, bike rides etc. Instead Aaron and I go for ambles. Short ambles. Here are some photos from the last one:


Rachel said...

:) we can relate to the "ambling" thing

Anonymous said...

Aww...nice baby bump girl :) Lynn N

cand said...

first: you're adorable.
second: i can't believe i'm not going to be able to rub your first baby belly.
third: great photos :)
fourth: i suck at interpreting the letters to prove i'm not a robot. it usually takes me 3 tries. i must really love you :)

Charity said...

Here in Edmonton we had a snow storm overnight! Some areas got over 30cm. I envy your nice weather.