Thursday, June 21, 2012

life with a baby

I knew I'd be busy. I knew I'd get less sleep. I knew I'd get woken up during the night. I knew I'd have a to do list a mile long.

Yet somehow I didn't really KNOW that.

It's likely worse because Leyla doesn't sleep much- her night times are perfectly fine (she's just over two months ands does a four or five hour stretch and then one three hour or two, two hour stretches). She's got some work cut out for her day time sleeps though. If I'm lucky she might do an one hour nap and then she snatches 20 minute naps here and there. It is getting better as I figure her out and finagle her into taking naps. Wearing her in the moby, taking walks, rocking her outside..... No judging but we haven't let her cry herself to sleep yet, well at least not officially. I'm not sure what I think of that particular method.

Basically, my dishes have piled up a mile high, I have loads and loads of clean laundry spilled across the spare bedroom bed, I have piles of to do's and need to put aways, I look like I rolled out of bed even when going out and suppers are a mad dash between feedings. On the bright side? My floors aren't too, too bad (about the same as before she was born minus the spit up splotches we don't notice:P), the bathroom is cleanish and laundry is relatively caught up.

So as long as we don't talk paperwork............. life is actually not going too bad with a wee one. But we have a wee one and I've fallen in love. Her happy moments are adorable, and I love snuggling her while she's sleeping.

But I really wish someone would have told me just how much work it would be. Like told me so that I would understand that I needed to finish all my projects BEFORE she was born.

Like the chair I'm reupholstering. I started it the day before I went into labour. Why didn't I start it, OH, WHEN I BOUGHT THE FABRIC LIKE 3 MONTHS BEFORE SHE WAS BORN!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Adelvise! My baby ONLY sleeps for 10-20 minutes at a time - yes, ONLY. Night times included! I would have given you fair warning of what it's REALLY like, but I was figuring only my kids are like this! Praying for you :)

Debra Lovell said...

Well since you say you don't mind reading others posts, let me just say that the cry it out method works really really well if you're consistent with it. It's a very good opportunity to teach them that they are not supposed to be the center of our universe but that they are supposed to be a welcomed addition. :) and mom and dad are in CONTROL! lol and as for the whole people telling you about how busy you were going to be after baby, would you have listened then? lol I know for me I had a perfect image in my head of how things were going to play out and I wouldn't have believed that 1 child could be so time consuming. HAHA!

Anonymous said...

There will come a time again when you can get some of your projects accomplished. Right now enjoy your baby. She won't be one forever and you'll never get those moments back.... Your projects you'll ALWAYS have those. :)Happy that she is giving you a bit of relief at night. And I laugh at your supper comments. Maybe that won't ever change. GMR

Shelley said...

Hey I never let my girls "cry it out" I just could not do it. Were there down falls? SURE, but they are not scarred for life (I don't THING anyway!) My advice is this: Listen to all the advice everyone gives you, smile and nod, then do what you and the hubby thinks is the RIGHT thing to do! Best advice I ever heard, best I can give! Would love to snuggle that little doll baby! She is adorable!

Janna McCalley said...

Ahhh the sleeping issue! Talmadge was like that for the first few months. I think he was just ALWAYS hungry and as soon as you started doing something he woke up. It will get better, just enjoy them being sooo little and forget the to do list for a while! Once our guy hit the 5-6 month mark we started to let him cry it out a little more and got him into a schedule which helped alot!

Trena said...

Didn't I TRY to tell you?? Didn't I tell you one time that if you really want to know a little of what it is like to have a baby.... some time when you are so exhausted that you are dying to go to bed, make yourself stay up another hour and do something you don't find entertaining? or set your alarm for 30 minutes after you are going to sleep and then get up? :-) I feel your pain my know I do!