Thursday, January 25, 2007


Ok- I realize that I have been dwelling on ants maybe a little too much, but bear with me.

I was on my afternoon off, filling it with some relaxing, mind stretching activity (reading), with periodic forages into the kitchen/pantry for yummy food that may have miraculously appeared. None did, so I decided to attack my vegetable thins yet again. Leah and I had been having a handful a night for some nights and we would just leave the box in various places around the house. The last place of rest for this same box was the floor right beside the couch. This was a particularly convenient location as this put them at an arms length away from my horizontal position on the couch. I took a satisfying crunch of the salty, delectable cracker- and felt a little too much crunch. I reached into my mouth to retrieve this particular tidbit and found, to my horror, a mutilated ant. Peering into the box I found, not one, not two, not three (you get the idea, right?!) but MANY ants. I quickly swallowed all remaining substances in my mouth, bolted off the couch with contaminated box, threw contaminated box out, and brushed my teeth.

So gross. Reminds me of the time I hate hard tack and bugs.

Side note: try explaining the concept of ‘few’ and ‘many’ to a group of grade ones, some of whom are just learning the English language. I think it’s the hardest thing I have ever tried to explain.


U M said...

Hi Angelina from SSM,

I think the ants were doing the
same thing as you - "periodic
forages into the kitchen/pantry
for yummy food that may have
miraculously appeared, None did"

Looks like they were luckier than
you. Reminds me of the time your
Dad ate the green cookies :-)

Are there going to be pics soon?

cand said...

HAHA!!! if you can't lick 'em, chew 'em!

krista said...

ugggh gross. well good thing they weren't biting ants or anything, and started attacking the inside of your mouth!! what's leah's house like? pretty modern-ish???

Anonymous said...

That's what you get for eating crackers. Stick with chocolate and you won't go wrong.In fact, chocolate covered ants...

Try explaining the difference between "all" and "many" to half-asleep saints at a conference!

carla said...

Remember in Russia the plum with the half eaten worm...but who ate it? Tell more about the kids how are they? are their missionary kids as well as african kids? are these children all from the one area or do they travel??? or it's a bording school right? woops i wasn't suppposed to ask questions yet...

jess said...

Why-ever did you swallow the remaining substances in your mouth? Next time spit him back so he can die in peace with his friends, ok?