Monday, January 22, 2007

gratefulness: #4

Georgia- I went to the first movie night but the kids were still shy. Second movie night I skipped because of a headache. No more though as you know how I love cuddles! Cookie remembers you along with Anita..... Margie is teaching the 3/4's. I don't have a lot to do with her class but they are juniors so I get to do games with them.

Today the character quality was GRATEFULNESS. They use the ATI character training sessions every monday. Brings back many memories, surprisingly all good!! It was cool singing along with "When we all see what we should see...." Of course I still can't remember all the words and the actions were completely beyond me. (Krista- where are you when I need you!) There is SO much that I have to be grateful for though, and in trying to create a list for myself this morning I was overwhelmed with God's grace.

Last night there was prayer meeting with a few from here and a few more from Kalene mission hospital. It was real good.

Krista- hows reading going? HAHA you can respond in an email. Lacy, Mallory (and any of you others from youth) here's the site I was telling you about that Jess told me about:bible. Hi Jess!

Rachelle- thanks for the pictures...awwwwwwwww he/she is completely adorable!

SMS/CAS (WOW wait a minute, it's not CAS anymore eh?! CAW: perfect for when you're an old crow)- are you still alive?? Heard you were sick Carla, feeling better yet? Jody doing all your cooking for you!? Did you pass Chemistry Shawna? (feel free to email the answer if it's too embarresing!)

Any new news from my homes?! Tell all- I'm all ears!


krista said...

hey als!
i just read a very sappy book (i told you about it in an email) and it made me cry, so now i'm all emotional and high-strung. so that emotion needs a real-life outlet, which when i read your blog is, "I MISS YOU!! COME HOME!!!" though really i haven't seen you any less yet then when you were in brandon:)ohwell:):) so things are getting into a bit of a routine over there? have you been to any of the other (mission stations?) yet? or i guess that comes after the term is done. me and mark have been cleaning up his house, he actually had the young ppl over on sun night!! rave reviews:) anyway this isn't an email so i'll shut up now:) love you LOTS!

shawna said...

hey als:):)
ya, im not really passing chem right now, but mr. jones told me today that i actually don't need it graduate. if i pass i can get into university, (which i DO NOT want to do) if i don't pass i'll still be able to go to colledge:):)
if i don't pass chem, though, i might take drafting next sem to appease dad that i will have the option of going to university!! just got back from jill's wedding it was a blasT!!
so even though they speak english at the school, have u learnt any of the language?? what do they speak again? so how do u enjoy teaching??r the kids more behaved then they are in canada?? r they're any guys there ur age? **wink wink nudge nudge** just kidding, and don't u dare even consdier thinking on that because u ARE suppposed come back to canada:):)
love u lots, and sorry my reply hasn't come sooner. oh, and my chem exam is on monday:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Angelina,

Just testing to see if this works.

Bobbi J

Anonymous said...


Mr T said...

Pizza! - Africa suddenly seems a whole lot more inviting.

Mris greatly disappointed me by not marrying a Massai warrior. Its all down to you now!

If you need books/study aids out there, the best place ever is

cand said...

also lets you look up verses and has a concordance etc.

Carla said...

Almost caught up.
love you lots