Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I now understand why missionaries greet containers from overseas with such enthusiasm. They contain chocolate, pickles, chips, chipits, baking necessities (I now have the ingredients to make my world famous monster cookies), stuffed animals, notebooks, paper, pencils and a whole lot more of interesting things that are unattainable in the ‘deep dark bush’. I think I actually manage to drop some pounds but I’ve gained it back with the onslaught of ‘sweeties’.

Some new words I am using:
Sweeties – anything sweet and yummy and bad for you.
Swimming Costume – bathing suit.
Trainers – running shoes/sneakers.
Jumper – sweater.

Georgia – I can not WAIT to meet this hairy Tom fella. HAHA, you know me oh too well.

Rachelle! Hi there! You should send me a picture of you, Ben and baby in your new house. Gab told me all about the house. I here Jill is starting up ‘wings’ tell her I’m praying for her. Love you! Hey are you on mat leave yet??

Gaby- What makes you think I’ll be willing to go for sushi with ya?! Unless of course your paying. The things I’m willing to attempt if no cost is associated with them.

Suz- supposedly the spiders can get much bigger. That one was about 3” wide at it’s widest width.

KLS/Mom- glad you enjoyed the pictures. I emailed them to Gaby and she was kind enough to post them all for me. You’ll have to pass a thank you on to her. The assembly that I’ve gone to is in the villiage so I’ve seen a little but stuff here at the school takes up a lot of time. We get every second weekend off though so I’m hoping to cover some ground. Tanis (Hi Tanis!) is going to try coming to visit so I’m pumped. And as it stands in two weeks Leah and I might be going to Kalene mission hospital. That’s about it for major excursions. Oh and This Saturday were going to take a bike ride if it’s nice out ie not pouring rain.


Suzie said...

HAHA!!! You're British already! :)

Mr T said...

Life is nearly perfect once you discover sweeties. All you need to find is colour and you are a Brit!

Just heard a radio programme about students/backpackers in Africa who decide half way through their visit not to continue taking anti-malaria drugs. What happened? They died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Been to the train station to discuss your London ticket but they are not taking bookings for that date yet.

krista said...

mr. thompson, you're so optimistic. haha i better not show our mother your comment!!
we should make a care package to send to you angelina:):) sounds like you'd enjoy it:)

Mom said...

Angelina, on no account stop your anti-malaria drugs.
Love you lots.

Mr T said...

Hey - I can be optimistic! I left out the part about rabies ha ha

Keep wearing a jumper and everything will turn out all right.

Anonymous said...

I'm new at this bloging, but want you to know how much we enjoy your blogs. Sounds as if you're having an interesting time. I'm with your Mom on the anti-malaria drugs! Take care, we love you and miss your hugs.

Suz said...

here's another new word for you:

fizzy juice - pop! - Your family like that one!