Thursday, February 1, 2007


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Krista and Shawna I bought you a present each in town at the market today!!!!!! Had to go in to get my visa extended another month. Saw some really poor people, they still smile just as big though! Funny how joy isn't linked to posessions at all.


krista said...

i'm excited:):) is it BIG??

jody and carla said...

Just to remind have 3 sisters.

Jody wants to let you know your CDs got stolen (it was a good thing the door was unlocked or they would have smashed the window too!)I wish we could pay you back, but were on a really tight budget. sorry.

Just kidding. No but jody has really enjoyed the music. He was dutifully taking them out every morning and bringing them back in after work.

Jody has strep throat and has been sick all week so he took that as a sign and started reading your blog!

well, i'll sign off now. soorry so long. when your short i'm long, when your long i'm short. so go long next time!! thanks
jody and carla

Anonymous said...

hey this is caitlin,
very interesting blog. i think corinne and i are going to zambia in the fall for a little while... not set in stone yet though. but yeah, say hi to Leah for me!

Serena said...

Hey Angelina,
We're glad to hear that you're having a good time, way down there on the other side of the world!
Love the pictures too!!
Calvin and Serena