Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Rain: Africa #2

Hey all! It's video night in 5 minutes and I need to go run to my house to get my flashlight (Cand- I'm living with Leah P.). It gets dark here at about 7pm and you can't see ANYTHING. I'm getting over the fear of insects in my pathway etc. (G- I had an encounter with the stinky bugs, one of the girls gave me a lecture about not stepping on them.) Eventually you just realize you need to walk somewhere fast and there isn't exactly stuff lieing in wait to attack Angelina. Amazing eh?!

It rained all morning here, and this is rain like I've never seen it before (Although the tin roofs do amplify it): hard, long and big coupled with the most amazing thunder and lightening show. Beautiful in the afternoon though- went down to the pool and swam and am sitting in my chitangi and sleeveless top.

Back from video- My burn is starting to make itself evident and tomorrow I will use sunscreen. Hopefully everything with this blog is working because I seem to have deleted a bunch of your comments. I've changed the comments so that they automatically appear so I don't delete again. oops. This posting is also having difficulty posting so hopefully things correct themselves soon. (Hi all you Brandon folks!!! Talking about me?!?! HAHA. I’m finally newsworthy- love you guys)

So today was the first full day and the kids got their schedules and rules, and I observed and gave permission for kids to go to the toilet. (There are a couple of words they use here that just reek of the British influence- that being one.) Makes me laugh every time.

Well it's 8:00 and I'm exhausted so it's off to bed! I know you're all shocked that I'm headed off this early but there is something in the air here. Last night I was in bed at 9:30. Had a wee awake session from 2:30am to 4:00am though so that could be why I’m tired. Off!


cand said...

really, angelina, video night is interesting, but you didn't need to post it twice!!!

cand said...

where are the pictures - i'm waiting for the pictures!!!!!!

krista said...

haha candace you need to get a life. this is ANGELINA'S blog. *grin* so als, have they told you what you're going to do yet? or are you always going to be giving permission to "go to the toilet"?? how close is your house to the school? ach i can't imagine the dark path in between where any minute something could come out at you. that is my biggest fear at night, so if i go downstairs late i walk around flipping EVERY light on before doing whatever it is i need to do. it's quite a process. well i'm glad you're getting brave, and i hope you don't get cocky and then stung or eaten by something:):) praying for you!! love you lots! may the Lord BLESS YOU AND BLESS YOU down there! but not too much or you might stay!!
love krista (and some comments from shawna)

Suzie said...

is video night where you all sit and watch videos, or what?
what did you watch?

Have you seen any giraffes yet? take a photo one one for me if you do see one please. And if it's not tooooooooo much to ask, could you bring one back? ;)

Robert said...

so - you have never heard the salutation, lang may yer lum reek?

add me onto the giraffe list and i want an african baby too - less than 2 years old please.

and remember, there are two types of digital camera user - those who lost all their stuff and those who are about to.