Friday, January 19, 2007

No Animals: Africa #3

Cand- I have a hard enough time finding time to WRITE on this thing as the internet connection here isn't always reliable plus I'm kinda busy believe it or not! I will try posting some pictures in the next month or so though. I also need to start TAKING some pictures- I've only taken about 15 so far.

Krista- The darkness has been lessened by some extent now that I have a proper flashlight. I arrived here on the plane before my luggage arrived by road and that's where my flashlight was (Thanks Mr and Mrs Hanna!). Leah's flashlight barely works at all and made walking in the dark kinda harsh. Yesterday I forgot my key's to the house so I climbed in my window. I think that scares me more, how accessible our house is to robbers. So I sleep with it shut (don't worry mom!).

Thanks to you both for your prayers, and to all you others who I know are praying.

My schedule: I teach one grade 1 or 2 math class everyday, one on one math with a grade 5 student (at a grade 2ish level), reading groups, sunday school, swimming lessons, marking, bulletin boards, TA in science, games, and (the most laughable) embroidery lessons for 2 hours every Saturday! I had a quick 10 minute lesson this morning so it’s going to be really interesting. Leah teaches the grade 1 and 2’s so I primarily am her TA but I also help out with Mr. Ronald's class which is grade 5-8.

Suzie- I haven't seen any "African" animals yet, other than ants, chameleons, gekos, more ants, mosquitoes, praying mantas, grasshoppers and yet more ants. You get the idea! Before I started on this trip I made one little rule: No animals allowed on my little ship, especially fat cats and monkeys!!

Mr. T- I have no defense only: prayer conquers all.

Well off to tea time, I'm STARVING!! Plus I get to play field hockey later on today and I need more energy. Oh- and supper tonight?! PIZZA!! I'm sooo pumped *Angelina's eyes get rounder and bigger in anticipation*.

Signing off!


Anonymous said...

aaaw chameleons ! so cute. So are you eating weird food yet? or is it pretty all "normal"? I just bought a box of African Red Bush tea (the plain Rooibos stuff). It has a picture of a giraffe in a safari, and everytime I drink a cup of it, I think of you. I feel more cultured also. :)
I guess Africa will have to wait for me... school is going to keep me tied down to blistery cold Winnipeg for at least a couple of years. I'm sorry I can't stop by for a visit. I WANT TO SEE YOUR FLICKR PAGE UPDATED SOON!!!
tons 'o love,
PS: sooo did you hug a banana tree for me yet?

Georgia said...

Hi Angelina, It sounds like you are keeping terribly busy. What did you think of movie night? Have any of the kids asked you to sit beside them? That I think was the best part. I was wondering who teaches grade 3-4? Well your little updates have been fun to read. Hope you are able to keep the a regular thing.

krista said...

hey als:) thanks for the new update! i actually have a little hope now that you might keep up with it:) don't forget us! but try not to think of me ALL the time, okay? wow TEACHING -- how's that going???? are you ever standing by yourself in front of a class with no other teacher there? didn't quite catch that... or are you just a TA and one-on-one person. ANGELINA READ YOUR EMAIL I SENT YOU ONE AND I NEED TO KNOW WHERE SOMETHING IS. thanks!

Suz said...

awww! That's too bad about your little rule; I was looking forward to walking about with a giraffe! I guess I should lower my expectations!!:)
I never knew African's ate pizza! Is most of the food ok or is some of it weird?
Thanks for taking the time to update us so quickly!! :)

Carla said...

wow aren't you ever leading the active life. I thought you were NEVER going to be a teacher!! I hope your getting more patience than the times you tried to teach me!! I know your doing swell, especially teaching swimming...I guess the pools would be different. But i'm not gonna ask any questions on here till I get caught up. Thinking and praying! love you