Saturday, March 3, 2007

attack # 2

Last night Leah and I stayed at the admin longer than usual to use the internet. It was dark by the time we were finished and we had neglected to bring our flashlights with us. We booked it the whole way home, in case the army ants had reappeared. Didn’t see anything. Entered the house and by the time we had made it through the kitchen Leah was dancing. Again, I escaped, for a time. I went outside with my flashlight to investigate. Found a line surrounding one corner of the house all along the foundation. The houses here aren’t exactly bug proof let along leak or rodent proof so I went inside to check the inner wall along the same corner. Leah’s bedroom. At cursory inspection all seemed normal, thankfully my senses were heightened and I moved closer to the wall then tugged the curtain aside. Ants. Ants. And more ants. So last night we moved out and I will not be moving back in until I have been sufficiently convinced that the ants have been contained. While packing I received two bites as gifts. It wasn’t too bad. What is bad is when you have no idea that the ants are on you and crawling up, then when they reach your waist they all chomp at the same time. That is why, Krista Lee, army ants are scary. Leah and I have been given refugee status.


Mom said...

oh Angelina the stories you'll be telling when you get back home I can hardly wait to see all your pictures and hear all your adventures.
Love mom

'G' said...

I took Mandy to your site last night.....she wanted to see the pictures you had posted. Anyway she is much more bright than I because she recognized 2 of the girls you were with. PLEASE PLEASE tell Mukuka and Tahana that Miss. Patton and Miss. Shostal say hello.
ALSO I now have a roommate. HIS, yes I stress HIS name is Bromwell. Pretty good looking if you ask me. He is quiet, affectionate and incredibly bright.
Tell you all the details later. For now have a simply wonderful evening in Zambia.


Gab said...

well I hope you still have a waist when you get back to winnipeg.

Mr T said...

there was a guy on the subway today with a 32" waist - saw it on his Levis - and I was SO envious. so when you come to Scotland, will you bring a bag of those ants with you?

seems to me, you need a circle of broccoli round that house of yours

Anonymous said...

hi.I love you... oh my i have seen your pictos. this is JANINE.. and wow are the african buggs CREEPY. and i mean like creeppy and discusting/.. not like a human creeper ( like follow you home and watch you) NOT THAT KIND OF CREEPY..this is JANINE by the way .anyways i guess you get it. pohhh HEY I GOT MY HAIR LAYERED TO DAYi wanted to dye it but i couldn't there was none.haha i got everyone to believe i was ashaving my head.i didnt though.thats a good thing:O i agree it looks good , usually i do not think my faggity hair look good but for once it does :O you should so bring ants to canada.. oh and the caterpillar looks perty and not harmful. and oh you should listen to A band if you could come time... i dont know if you'll like it but its by 'Feeling Small- Mariana's Trench' they are a dang good band i love them. ohh i got to pet a cow which really made me happy :P and i dont know why i told you this.... oh yeah hahahaha i never told you who this was:S it's uhhhmmm... janine ... i bought the most ugliest shirt today and i dont know why i even did it just looked hidious so i decided to buy it.. which was stupid..i dont even wear..well actually i do TO BED.
im tired plus i have to do beths homework,, we made a bet and i lost now i have to do her homework for a freaking week and it makes me mad like a elephant seen a mouse.dont know what that was about. but i am leaving and will check up on your blogger dailey as always just dont like leaving these messages because it bugs me when i have to write and think at the same time. but hopefully you know what i mean,
hope your having fun. although it sounds as so. haha good luck with your ant problem maybe they like you .you just so irresistable.. lol wow that was a long word :D
bye, nighty night dont let the army ants bite. lol that made sense.
c'ya later in a long super duper long time. missing you.
Janine ' Symrna ' Hordesky
BETTHY POOH SAYS HI. she likes to be called Elizabeth now. not to surprised for me.

cand said...

we miss you!!

Darren Irvine said...

Have the hostiles been contained yet?