Sunday, March 11, 2007


Hostiles have been surrounded and annihilated or at least moved their barracks temporarily. Will update on future developments.

Yesterday was movie night. As per usual many children crowded around any available adult willing to cuddle. So I had one sweet gal on my lap and two little boys squished up on either side of me. One of the grade one kids, Donex, was holding my hand. The lights were on momentarily to fix a glitch in the VCR. Donex kissed my hand, looked up at me, saw my grin, would have blushed if he could have, and hid behind his hand. Adorable.

Tanis was here for a short one and a half days. It was nice to see a face from home.

Just found out that the handwork class I'm 'teaching' is actually a real class and I need to come up with a mark. Painful. You should see the final embroidery products. I could do better with my eyes closed.

The orphanage:

The orphanage started when a missionary lady found out that all babies who survived childbirth when their mothers didn't were considered to be possessed by demons. They would be thrown on their mother's graves and left to die. When she discovered this practice she started taking the children in.

It's about a 30 minute walk from the school here. The setup is a bit different than the traditional orphanage. Most of the kids are orphans but they all have their own mama who lives with them. Maybe a grandmother, or someone from their village. When the children reach the age of six they are sent back to their village and they are taken in by relatives.

There are two ladies who look after the running of the place, Helen and Esther. One is Scottish the other Irish. Very kind and hospitable.

The kids love hugs and are adorable little urchins. We walked in the gate and they all came to inspect us. As soon as we offered they swarmed us. It was impossible to walk an inch they were hanging off us. We visited Helen for a bit, I had my first taste of soda since arriving here. Then we observed the preschool class. They said their numbers, the alphabet and sung a surprising repertoire of English songs. They were so proud. I'm going back either this Thursday or next and am hoping to get some pictures this time.

Off to Sunday Evening Fellowship!


Georgia said...

Hey Angelina, glad to hear that you were able to go to the orphanage. Helen, or was it Esther??? Loves to take the kids on walks through the game park. We (Mandy and I) went with her and the kids one day. I couldn't believe how far those kids can walk. I just got to thinking....I'll email the rest, so I don't take up any more comment space. Until later....G

Gab said...



spring is here!

Sounds like you're having a great time with all your little friends. I can't wait for more pictures.

see ya

Rachel said...

Urchins?,Angelina.You would say that wouldn't you.Well you sound like your totally bored out of your mind and have lots of time to sit around and do nothing.Haha!
So have you went on the incredible looking slide yet?If not(which is most likely true)why??
I laugh every time you mention that the children(or urchins)are so cuddly.Do you ever get sick of hugs?
My guess is no.Anyway till next time.

cand said...

we're overdue a publish.

spring isn't here. it can't make up it's mind.

Suz said...

Yes Angelina, 8 days is too long not to hear from you!!