Saturday, March 31, 2007


Yesterday’s reading class erupted into an argument over my cultural heritage. No conclusion was reached, and incidentally none of the class guessed anywhere near the correct mixture of bloods that I call my own. An attempt at recreating the conversation follows: Julius, “Miss S---- is all yellow so she’s Chinese.” He grabs my arm to show his classmates proof of this statement. “Miss P----- must be Chinese too because she looks the same.” For the record Leah (Miss P-----) is one of those of north European descent who burns in order to tan and who is more pink than yellow. I tried to explain to the class what I was and who my grandparents were. The response to my so eloquent speech was made by Donex, “No she can’t be Chinese because her arms are yellow but her neck is all white!“ Apparently I need to tan my neck!


Georgia said...

Chinese eh? Those kids need to take a social studies course of the world. So at first I thought wow, I can't wait to see Angelina's coveted tan, but yellow arms, white necks and shoulders.....maybe I'll find something more appealing to covet. :) Things are good here. Nothing to report except that I just ate an ENORMOUS amount of fudge (I bought it at the fair this week), and it may actually be oozing out of my pores as I type. Lovely description don't you think? Well I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOUR PICTURES...hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge...I can't tell you how many times I have anticipated new pics, and get your frizzy hair. :) Not that I don't LOVE your frizzy hair.
Have a great day Angelina, don't get attacked by that green snake.
Oh and it seems that people actually read other peoples comments on this if anyone reads this, I'll inform everyone that I have decided to quit my job, and become an recluse painter.........Gottcha.


Mr T said...

Tan, yellow, white with frizzy hair - you are turning into a giraffe.

Darren Irvine said...

red and yellow, [brown] and white