Sunday, March 25, 2007

hot hot hot

It's getting hot enough that I purposely look for shade when I'm outdoors. The muddy pool even looks appealing.
Time has flown by so fast. When I booked this trip I though that the months I would be away would be an enormous amount of time but Ania you were right. Way too short. Half Term is a bit like camp, but the regular day-to-day is much more disciplined. Especially the Senior grades, they have so much work.
As to crocs and gators? They just aren't here. Some reasons being: we are close to the source of the river, we are at a higher elevation so it gets cooler, and the river is on the smaller side and moves pretty quickly.
The lack of any type of wildlife is sad. I've seen nothing bigger then a skinny, wimpy green snake. Mind you that was big enough- it surely made me screech.


Suz said...

1 month and 1 day and you'll be in the U.K!!!

Mr T said...

And when you come we will show you wildlife - the Haggis, the Midge and even the Welsh.

Please delay your arrival as long as possible cos 27 April is THE WORST day of my working life and I can't bear to think of it.

krista said...

well, FINALLY she writes again!!! man!! but then i guess i can't really say much since i STILL have an unanswered email from you sitting in my inbox:):) so what you're saying is that there ISN'T USUALLY any "crocs and gators" in the river... but doesn't that mean that maybe sometimes there could be??? mark sounded a little dubious at your explanation that, "no, of COURSE there isn't!" so be safe!!
love you!

Suz said...

It's starting to get very warm and sunny over here, so maybe you won't be needing your anorak when you come!
1 month exactly! :)

cand said...

you should go on a safari...and then send us more pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

have you seen Victoria Falls yet?

stay there until the fall and I will see you! :D


sms said...

ugh. its wet wet wet over here, with our ginourmously LARGE snow banks are rapidly diminishing, and as it is nice to see it go, i wish there was a tidier way. that puddle that always accumulates in front of our house gets quite big, so we stuck a few 2" by 6"'s so theres a little bridge over the puddle, but it has flooded it 1 or 2 times. hey guess what! dad fixed my car!! WOOHOO! mebbe i can get one last summer out of my baby:):)
love u and miss u:)