Monday, April 16, 2007


Well term just finished last week. It's been really strange just how silent the school grounds are without them. One thing I've really enjoyed is not being on someone else's eating schedual. I can actually eat when I want and what I want. (Being limited to Leah's pantry.)

Saw my first mission hospital plus (the highlight!) I saw a new hydro station being built in that same area. Quite amazing. The project has been going on three years and has been built entirely with donations from private donors. Mostly christians. No worries I took lots of pictures and have detailed explanations to go along with them. They have these super cool automatic slit exiting gates that float!! Yah- you had to be there.

Went out and looked at the stars for a bit tonight. Amazing just how bright they are when civilization and its fake lights are no where near. We clammered to the top of Jill's truck out on the airstrip and just gazed. Getting off was a challenge and only one person was injured.

Funny how we are so much in awe of feats of engineering (such as those cool bridges down in the highly populated ares of the southeren states that I have been trying to get decent pictures of for ages and never quite manage!!) and how we recognize that something so intricate must have a designer. Yet so many find it hard to believe that the stars, our universe and (most amazingly!) us, who are infinately more intricate than anything we ourselves could design, have a creator. Why am I not more in awe of him??

We had a pool party today. A multitude of salads, sausage from the farm, mega desert selection and cold water. All this with the dry season's wind starting to rustle through the tree's and sending a shiver through us (a cool 30 degree's at midday today).

Signing off for another little while. God bless!


Mr T said...

Hey you have not been captured by Zulus after all.

But you obviously have a wee touch of sunstroke - gates are just NOT EVER super cool! But I am with you on the stars.

carla said...

Come home soon angelina
love you

Anonymous said...

hey als!
missing u so very very much hun! love you!

Suz said...

Glad you're still alive! I thought something had happened to you!

10 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!:) (sorry to rub it in shawna & krista, but it had to be said!)

cand said...

by "little while" i hope you don't mean two weeks again!

sms said...

suz, it's a good thing ur in scotland right now, because im so jealous of you, MISS YOU ANGELINA:)

Gab said...

star gazing in Africa... you got yourself a good moment there. It's so hard here to really get a good show of stars without driving far out of the city first...
I hope you're enjoying Scotland just as much as I can picture it to be so stunning. Can't wait for a picture fest - even if it's pictures of gates and engineering jargon... ??? :) See you soon!

Suzie said...

2 days til you come to the U.K!!!!!!!:):):)