Wednesday, April 18, 2007

travel woes

The goal: Tip top of the north western province (the bush) to the population dense, garbage filled, and materialistic metropolises of the south.

The method: green land rover.

Estimated duration: 3 days.

External conditions: bumps, ruts, pot holes, washed out sections…. The first half on sandy gravel the second on pavement of sorts.

Internal conditions: Five adults, 3 children, 1 baby and luggage. How to fit? Three in the front, 4 plus babe in the back and one plus luggage in the trunk. More luggage belted on the steel rack bolted unto the back. The only way into the trunk seat is to wiggle like a snake over 4’ of luggage, swing your legs up and around and somehow fall (with your rear pointing down) into your seat.

My traveling companions were Mark and Pam with Caleb, Shoshanna and Naomi. Gwen and Chad with Denalyn and little ole me!

Now that the driving is completed I can say that it was an adventure and definitely brought back memories of our family trips from long ago. Just imagine a bunch of tired, cranky and whiny people. Lots of memories….

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carla said...

I got this picture in my head of angelina sitting there reading her romance novel and sobbing her eyes out:-)

miss you