Saturday, April 28, 2007


To my fainthearted readers: This is Angelina (you couldn’t have guessed that) and Suzie holding an intellectual conversation for your benefit. Enjoy.

Ang - greetings from Scotland. It is frigid here.

Suz - NO IT'S NOT!! It's just less than 20 degrees C!!! This is SUMMER to us!

Ang - BUT the wind blows right through you. I was wearing a scarf and mittens while others were SWIMMING! Crazy Scots. (Mind you I believe they may have been slightly intoxicated.)

Suz – Last night she was wearing pjs, a THICK, FLUFFY house coat AND an extra blanket in bed along with all the other bedding!!!! Whilst I was sweating with the heat!!

Ang - So obviously I am alive and well (although there has ceased to be feeling in my feet- I believe they have been temporarily rendered frost bitten). I landed in Scotland yesterday after over 12 hours in the air over two days. For some reason security was a non-issue and I wasn’t stopped even considering the 5 knifes packed away in my luggage. (The Brits are slipping.) My host family (I’ll christen them the ‘Mad Scots’ from this point forward) took me on a photographic journey today. No fear friends, in my few weeks here I will have more pictures than my entire time in Africa! Having a blast and would recommend the place to anyone. (I would also heartily recommend fish and chips, pavalova and irn-bru. I have yet to try haggis…… I will update you as to my ‘first impression’. (YUCK!)

Suz - Hey! Haggis is a great delicacy over here!! And I bet you’ll love it!

Ang – The ingredient list includes sheep's heart, liver and lungs, minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt, mixed with stock, and traditionally boiled in the animal's stomach for approximately an hour. Sounds appetizing eh?!


Rachel said...

Sounds like your having an incredibly awesome time Angelina!Keep taking those pictures so I can see what you did and where.All your going to do when you come back is scrapbook for a month or two!
By the way,from your discription alone I have vowed to never eat haggis!

Mr T said...

As the heatwave continues, I am trying not to electocute myself as the sweat drips from my brow onto the keyboard.

The haggis is a carefully balanced nutritional supplement, developed to give stamina on long journeys. That's how boatloads of intrepid Scots were able to sail over the Atlantic and found a small settlement at Kildonan, that would later develop into the mighty city of Winnipeg.

Today, of course, we don't travel so far but it was noticeable that the only person fast asleep in our car today was a Canadian!

Can you all hear the bagpipes playing in celebration of Angelina Ballerina's arrival? The shops just love her. The junk they have had on the shelf since the 1970s is disappearing at last! You have just got to see the red sneakers folks!!

Gab said...

I've gotten rusty at reading your blog because you had been absent for so long. I think I missed nearly 2 weeks of your blog! Nice to hear from you again. :)

Sounds like you're really enjoying Scotland, even though it's "cold". Did Africa desensitise you to hot weather??? Well here in Winnipeg it wasn't too bad today. Hot sun and +25. I actually was suntanning at Albert Beach today and now I'm bright red (and I think my skin is still cooking, even though we are well into the evening and I have found refuge in my dark damp basement...)

There was still ice on the lake and snow near the tree line on the beach. Very strange to be caught between two seasons.

I can't wait to see you back here! And yes you can leave the haggis over there. And what is this about red shoes??? Are you trying to outdo my red shoes??? :)

jody and carla said...

hey angelina
I just recently learned how to do an african dance at a workshop i went to, so that made me think of you. Africa, not the dance.

We are glad you are in scotland cause that takes you one step closer home. and it is BEAUTIFUL here. no mitts, no scarfs, and for jody no shirt and a RED back.

have lots of fun

cand said...

i wrote you a poem. it's to the tune of row row row your boat.


Fly fly fly away
After tons of kisses and hugs
Don’t get too confused
From your antimalaria drugs

Teach teach teach the kids
Explain your math to them all
If they don’t get the concept
Hurl yourself against the wall

Spend spend spend your coin
Carelessly in the store,
You don’t care what you buy
You don’t even know what it’s for

Soon you’ll come back home
I can hardly believe it’s true
You’ve been gone so long
Man how I miss you!

Anonymous said...

hi i enjoyed reading your blog and having you stay with us i totally agree with you it is far too cold here i think i need to get off of this island and go somewhere hot! if you give me your e-mail adress then i can e-mail you! lol :-) luv katie smith xxx

katie smith x said...

hi sorry i'm anonymous!

katie, lizzie n suzie said...

hi angelina, (jemima)you will know what we mean! Lol. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time n England.

Pris said...

I can't believe you think you eat haggis!! They have been running over the scottish hills for generations. Short, fat, stubby creatures with long tube like snouts with suckers at the end! so difficult to see let alone catch!!