Thursday, May 3, 2007

attack of the crazed sheep

Driving at what feels like breakneck speeds down winding roads and hairpin curves. All this in order to catch the perfect ‘sunset with blue sheep beside a wood fence before it gets dark’ picture.

Blue sheep you ask?! Apparently Scottish folk find it necessary to paint their sheep blue to show ownership. Funny how all the sheep in all the fields seem to be blue. Funny why they don’t just tag their ears like they do the cows (coos) or why they don’t paint their cows (coos) blue too. Some things are just too complicated for the likes a me.

So we have found the perfect location for this perfect picture. Mr. T pulls the car up next to the fence and three of us hop out. I stand right between the car and the fence. (No use walking further along and wasting my energy reserve!) From out of nowhere a crazed lamb bolts towards me and desperately leaps into the air bleating in panic. Wool streams frightfully near my head. He lands, hurtles down to the corner and along the field frantically trying to get away from the strange screeching creature he encountered, through the barbed wire fence and into the safe, loving embrace of his mother.

I will never view sheep the same way again.


cand said...

nice pics. woulda liked a picture of the sheep flying at you though

Suz said...

This had to be the funniest thing I ever saw!!! The look on als's face was hilarious!!!!!

sms said...

speaking of pics, i noticed that your hair is way longer than it was b4, all the layers growing out too.

Mr T said...

The facts behind the fiction....

The high speed is necessary to convey our guest from bathroom to bathroom with the minimum of mess to my car seats.

The sheep are painted blue to assist tourists who have not cleaned their glasses since the day they left Winnipeg.

If you are 4'6" with curly sheep-like hair, you should not approach fields of lambs in dim lighting conditions.

krista said...