Thursday, April 19, 2007

hosteling with kids

Sitting in a concrete, dug out area in the center court with dorm rooms surrounding. Half clothed (more aptly- immodestly clothed) people parading around. Water falling softly. Beats from the on-site bar. Dim lights flickering from the giant tin salamander hanging from the ceiling. Hay roof soaring 20’ above me. Stairs ascending to the ‘tree top view’ suspended from the peak. Thick timbers criss-cross from floor to ceiling. Caleb, Shoshanna and Naomi arguing from our shared dorm room (who gets the top bunk, the best shelf…).

[A note on sharing a room with three kids under the age of ten. They get up really early. My internal alarm now goes off at 6:00am. I tried sleeping in this morning as we have 'shifted' cities and I have my own room. I was up, showered and dressed by 7:45. Deffinately a habit I should bring home with me. However I'm not holding my breath.]

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