Saturday, May 12, 2007


Did over 8 hours of walking today and have slowed down to a hobble. It's worse than the aftermath from kickboxing.

On the bight side: I saw the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace and spent time at the Imperial War Museam. They have floors and floors of interesting facts and tear wrenching stores. One floor is dedicated to the Holocast another to WW's I and II. Deffinately a must see if you're ever in London. I have two quotes that I want to pass on but they're up in my room so you'll have to wait with baited breath.

Tomorrow I'm heading to the meetings of a local group of christians to worship the author and finisher of my faith and the rest of the day I'll take easy in order to rest my walking weary feet.

God Bless!


Mr T said...

Ha Ha - I will bite my tongue and resist the phrase 'I told you so'.

Get on your new hat, dress and red shoes and go for afternoon tea somewhere to rest your weary legs.

Master Rapper 'G' said...

WWWAAAAHHHHH!!!! You get home in less than four days and still who knows when I'll see you. Boohoo to me. :( I just thought I would throw in a little drama to shake things up. Yes the count down is coming, yes we are all very excited to see you......AND YES IF YOU NEED ME TO HELP YOU MOVE I WILL!!! Sigh I can read your mind like the back of my hand....hahahaha kidding, You'll have plenty of time on the plane to rest those weary feet, so get moving you still have quite a bit of the world to see in your last days. :)

Love Ya Angelina....Be Safe.