Friday, May 11, 2007

lost and alone in london

I arrive in London at 2:00. Figure out the tube just fine. Get off the tube. I can't see a single street sign or north/south orientation mark. I wander about randomly asking old ladies for directions. Recieve incorrect directions. Finaly orient myself by determining the layout of various tube stations I have passed relative to each other.

Half way through my meanderings I realize street names are fixed to the corners of the buildings. This greatly improves my navigational abilities.

My calfs are screaming with each step, my thighs ache as my duggle bag slams repeatedly into them, my kback/neck/shoulders pulse with the starin of two heavy bags (why did I buy books in Scotland?!) and my feet burn with each jolt on cobblestone. However - "It could have been worse." I eventually found my hostel, it was dry out and I didn#t have a hat box.

So it's now 4:30. Food is in order. Armed with new maps and specific directions ("Go that way," accompanied with a pointing finger.)

I make my way to the local Tesco and purchase my dinner. I purpose to eat it under the shadow of the Tower Bridge. One tube ride and a long walk later I am sitting under a tree on a wall at the Thames with the HMS Belfast in front of me and the Tower Bridge in the distance. Sounds perfect right?! It's pouring buckets. My feet squish with each step, my skirt is wet up to my knees and when I walk it whips against my legs. I keep on going. I get lost. Many times. My map is soaking wet. Somehow I manage to take in St. Pauls, the tower bridge, London Tower, London Bridge, the Millenium Bridge and some other nameless cool buildings. All by accident.

Decide to head home. The rain is really coming down now and my glasses are rain droplet covered making it difficult to see street signs. I get lost. Find tube station. The line I need is closed. Go back above ground. Walk aimlessly. Find myself surrounded by pubs. Walk faster and with purpose (get me out of here!). Find MIA street!! An hour later I arrive home. It's 9:15 and I'm exhausted.


Gab said...

oh the joys of backpacking in Europe. And the joys of rain in London. It's only there to freshen up the grass, right? I'm impressed that you're doing it all solo. I'd be there in an instant if I could! You'd take me shopping at Harrod's and make me buy an expensive orange handbag and get me to binge on fancy chocolates. I hope you're getting properly Londonized. (which includes being soaking wet for at least half a day)
See you soon world traveler. The flat prairies of Manitoba and the dangling canker worms await you.

Suz said...

We did tell you about all this!

That's what you get for pouring over a London map the night before and making lists of your every step in London! I told you lists were pointless!;)

Hope the blisters heal soon! Our house is now very quiet without you around! Missing you!


krista said...

hey angelina - sounds DANGEROUS! don't worry, i'll try and not let mom read it. although she is becoming quite computer literate and might find your blog entry ALL BY HERSELF!!! i hope you have pepper spray, etc. on you as you wander about aimlessly in and out of pubs!!! your day sounded like carla's grad trip in vancouver - "look guys. a bus. let's get on it and see where it takes us." "look, guys, we're lost, but here's a manicure shop. if we're going to be lost, we may as well look pretty." "hey, another bus! let's ride it up and down random streets and hope we find our only key that we lost about five hours ago. oh! there it is!"
*grin* have an AWESOME time in london and see you in THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!! don't do anything i wouldn't do!!
love you!

Mr T said...

List makers of the world read and learn. Serendipity rules.

Perhaps you are no longer alone HA HA Did you meet any nice Canadians on Sunday?

Katie said...

aww! you really shouldn't travel around london on your own!!! Enough lecturing, we are really missing you and the thomsons at our house! thank you for your note you left in my room! glad to hear about your safe arrival and poor you for sitting eating your dinner in the rain! have you looked at the pictures yet? keep on adding to your blog when you get home to canada because i love hearing about all your adventures! i just heard Big Ben strike on the radio! mum says hi and take care!