Saturday, January 29, 2011

cookies vs fruit

This is why I've never been skinny. Would you rather eat


or this?

Yah. I picked the same one you did. (Peanut Butter cookies from the Betty Crocker Cookbook. So good.)

I've been trying to cook differently the past couple months, namely we eat more fruits and veggies. According to the Mayo Clinic food pyramid I should be eating at a minimum: 3 servings a day of fruit and 4 of vegetables. Right. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA......! And those serving sizes are enormous! So my day should look like this: 2 fruit at breakfast, 2 veggies at lunch, 2 veggies at supper and 1 fruit for snack. My day usually looks like this: 1 fruit at breakfast (I am in love with grapefruit), 1 veggie for lunch and 2 veggies at supper. It's not perfect but it is better. I'm noticing a tiny difference in how I feel.

On a side note: the mayo clinic triangle lets you have ONLY 75 CALORIES OF SWEETS A DAY!!!!!! I ignore that rule. Also the fat allowance?!?! I also ignore that one. I figure one diet for life change at a time is about all I can handle.


Danielle said...

If you have an iphone or an ipod you can download an app called Lose It and you input all the food you eat and it gives you a total caloric intake for the day. The really cool part is that if you work out, you input that and it subtracts the calories you burned... leaving room for sweets!! (OK, I know it's not how you're suppose to use it but c'mon!!!)

Mr T said...

I am safely on the other side of 50 and eat Starbuck's ginger muffins for breakfast, no vegetables or fruit at any time of the day and am still looking good.

BTW - I got locked out this stupid thing for months because I wouldn't give up my Google address.

Angelina Lynn said...

Danielle- exercise.....? yah.........

Mr T- Well if you come here you get fruit and vegetables:) In large portions!!