Monday, January 31, 2011

coasters and ugly fans

You might have noticed in the photo from this post my coasters. I made 'em!

We had leftover tiles from our shower (still under progress) that weren't being productive and we needed coasters so I stuck them on the end table which they promptly scratched. (We have those cheap ikea tables and they mark up so easily and attract dust to no end.) So I glued felt to the underside of four of them and they work perfectly. Ever since I've been scoping out all the clearance sections at the home stores for cheap tiles for more coasters (cute gifts no?!) and nothing. nada. zilch.

I love the clearance sections. And if you know the right people (yah we spend a lot of time in them) you can usually beg a bigger discount. We chewed them down on our fridge, stove, washer, various lights and fans..... :)

(Fact: fans are ugly. Fact: we have no air conditioner. Fact: I love fans.)


Kylie said...

I thought I was the only one with the Ikea tables that perpetually look dusty and like a stray cat mangled them.

Cara@TheSheetBoutique said...

In regards to the fans, reality can change your perspective! Just cause the HGTV designers don't like them, doesn't make them "nonessential" in a home without air conditioning.

Angelina Lynn said...

Aaron would die without fans:P He still dies with them.

THOSE TABLES ARE AWFUL!!! I think I'm going to paint them and put some sort of varnish on them or something- eventually.