Saturday, January 22, 2011

sea green/blue pretties

Aaron bought me a rug for our living room back in July for my birthday that has pretty much all the colours we planned on using in our house- dark brown, beige, red, cream, and sea green/blue. Check out the rug here (It doesn't include grey which we are planning on for the kitchen and den but I'll use colours from the rug to tie into the grey.) So far all the things we own are tending toward the blah colours in the rug- lots of browns and creams and not much else. But have you ever tried finding the perfect sea green/blue??! Yah. IMPOSSIBLE! Until C bought me the prettiest little vase in.... the perfect sea green/blue!

Now I have an item I can take shopping with me when I look for fabrics or paints. You can also look at the the link posted above for a picture of the chair that we intend to recover. I'm looking for an upholstery fabric with a large scale floral print with that aforementioned blue and some of the other rug colours on a crisp cream background. It's gonna be purdy! If I can figure out how to recover. That's a big if. I hate staple guns. They scare me. What if I shoot myself?! Here's a link to a recovering chair tutorial that'll I'll refer too. Unfortunately it doesn't come with staple gun instructions.

Oh- did I mention that that chair cost us ten dollars!!! Yah. TEN DOLLARS!! We love it.

(By the way- when I say "we", I mean "we". I can not do ANYTHING around the house without Aaron's aok. Not even move furniture. ESPECIALLY not move furniture. Fortunately he actually has really good taste. Hopefully he doesn't read this confession or I'll never hear the end of it.)


Angelina Lynn said...

oops- that's an awful picture of the TEN DOLLAR chair. I'll take one later.

Janna McCalley said...

Thanks for the mention! You can do it, staple guns are fun-keep them aimed away from you and you're safe! Buy a little extra fabric just in case, but once you get going you'll enjoy it!
PS. I love youre new little vase! It's cute!