Wednesday, February 9, 2011

dove grey pillow shams that are all about love

Some pillow shams that I made for our bed but..... I don't know.... the colour's off or something. So here they are hanging on the wall in our stairwell (because that's where everyone display's pillows!).

I did a cheat closure on the backs because I am scared of zippers. Like even that isle at Joanne's scares me. One day I'll have to learn how to put one in. Oh- haha! about learning new things. My sewing machine was really acting up two days ago with the top thread breaking every couple of stiches. I tried my hardest to fix it/force it into submission. Nothing worked. Called my mom. She suggest I read my manual. (And change out my heavy weight denim needle for a light cotton one. oops.) LAMMMMMEEEEEEE. I found out that I had been threading my bobbin clockwise instead of counter-clockwise. Problem fixed. I felt very stupid.


Gabrielle said...

Gorgeous photos, Als. You should print it as fine art for your walls. (hmmm... a photo of your walls to later hang on your walls?)

Shelley said...

You are quite the sewing, machine, with that sewing machine:):) I would totally buy these, (if I had anything to match them)! A little "issue" makes the final product all the sweeter!!