Tuesday, February 8, 2011

sewing little dresses

Aaron's sister, Penny, is having a little baby girl in about a month and so I've been doing some sewing for her. She lives in Mexico so I don't need to worry about sizes corresponding to summer dresses! Because sizes are a pain. This pattern said this was supposed to be for a 6 month baby but it doesn't look that wee. Anyway, whenever it fits, it fits. And if it's always too chubby for her babies she can give it back to me when I have some as I'm sure to have chubby ones:P

Now the bloomers. I have no idea what bloomers are supposed to even look like but these things look rather unproportioned. My mother says that, that's what diapers do to kids rear ends but I guess I've never had to notice?! Also notice some threads I forgot to clip showing up. Oops. Just ignore them. Oh- and that's the siding on our front porch, as with it all it needs some tlc (or a sledgehammer).

Happy Birthday to David and Penny's little one!

This is a Butterick B5017 size small (13-17lbs).


Anonymous said...

Well done ALS. :) I didn't know you had a sewing machine. When did you get it? Have you made anything else?

Angelina Lynn said...

Thanks Anonymous:):) My Grandma gave me her old one as she never used it. I'm going to try posting some of the other stuff I've made over the next little bit- I'm lovin' it!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Angelina, that comment was from none other than me ... GP, well GR now. You should definetly post some more pictures.

Angelina Lynn said...

I will:)