Wednesday, March 9, 2011

backpacking in our living room

Yesterday our new sleeping bags came. They are Big Agnes, Lost Ranger, rated to 15 degrees F, mate-able and down filled. The underside has no insulation, it just has a pocket that you slide your sleeping matt into. Likely more than you care to know about sleeping bags. Same here.

Aaron loves gear. Unfortunately when you grow up you can't funnel every single cent you make into buying gear so when we do buy something he gets really, really excited.

So last night we moved our living room furniture around, turned off the furnace, and crawled into our sleeping bags for the night.

I will never, ever again sleep in a sleeping bag if my bed is in the same house and unoccupied. Aaron slept well though. Here's our setup:

Then we work up early and headed to Menards to eat our free contractor breakfast. Biscuits with gravy, made to order omlette, chocolate milk, coffee and root beer.

Marriage does weird things to a person. I love it:)


Anonymous said...

You seriously slept on the floor in your livingroom last night?!? That, my friend, is hilarious. Hopefully you enjoy your sleeping bag a little more when you are out in the wilderness. GR

Anne said...

Hahaha, I love it! I never knew how excited a person could get just over RESEARCHING backpacking/camping gear (let alone actually buying it) until I married Matt. I was informed that most of the fun of packpacking is in the planning/organizing part...hence, when we were talking about going backpacking in Utah this summer, Matt spent many days on the computer poring over sleeping bags, hiking socks, knives, etc. But then reality kicked in (i.e. Landon), and we realized that hiking in Bryce Canyon w/ a 1 yr old probably wasn't the smartest idea. But Matt actually wasn't too disappointed because he'd had 50% of his fun already in th imaginary gear shopping. And they say women are hard to understand?? :)

carla said...

oh dear. I have to say, Aaron can convince you to do things you would never agree to do as kids.