Monday, March 7, 2011

mountain backpacking

When Aaron and I first got married we planned on doing something big for our first year anniversary. We dreamed of different continents, long journeys and foreign languages. Maybe one day that'll happen. Like- maybe for our 25th wedding anniversary. So for now we've had to readjust our expectations to fit our budget and we're going to have to stick with...


What a deflator eh?! "On our way home" from seeing them though we plan on stopping in Montana for a weekish and going backpacking. I've never been overnight but I love camping and hiking and have always wanted to attempt it. Aaron's been itching to go his whole life but see, I came along, and halted all plans of adventure and excitement.

We've bought some of our gear. Aaron made me buy a backpack for our honeymoon (so we didn't have to pay for checked baggage- so romantic) and he's had one forever. We just bought down sleeping bags off of steep and cheap. And we have a cute little tent that you can barely move around in that's light enough for Aaron to carry (he has agreed to carry anything of weighty significance). He has a little stove so all we need is cooking stuff. I'd rather eat dried fruit and nuts for a week straight as I hate cooking while camping. Fortunately my husband loves it. So all I have to do is sit back and watch him work. Right. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

The other big thing we need to do before going is, um, well, move. Like I need to get off my rear end and walk or run or skip or anything. I used to run about 5 miles a week. That's not amazing but there is. no. way. that. could. happen. now. Aaron gets a lot of exercise with working but no cardio so he really needs to do stuff with me but he is in better shape than I am. Another thing to help us get into the groove is a mini backpacking trip maybe in May- to the pictured rocks in the U.P. They look so pretty!

So after I write this I need to go for a walk. But I have a house to clean, laundry to do, bow ties to sew, dresses to sew (I have passed the difficult stuff so you'll see photo's soon!) and I promised my Aaron that I'd bake him some banana blueberry bread.

So we are looking forward to a week of wearing the same clothes, not showering, swatting mosquitos continually, sleeping on the ground and getting to see some of God's gorgeous creation. We'll take a million pictures and I'll tell you all about our adventures!

Of course all plans are subject to change without notice. I've been informed that I still need to get my passport renewed "just in case" and he checks flights to random corners of the world continuously. I am not going to the middle east though. No matter how cheap the flights are.


Carla said...

I laugh to think of you roughing it. Marriage has definately changed you. remember when we went camping at that one spot with no showers? you were so disgusted that we couldn't shower for ONE WHOLE NIGHT, that you washed your hair in a bucket. hehe. you'd better bring along a bucket just in case:-)

Trena said...

ha ha ha...... we are looking forward to seeing you in July! That is, if you are planning on seeing anybody beyond family.....:-) I am sure you will have a great time "roughing it!" One thing that has worked for many people is to book time off and then find whatever is the cheapest holiday available the week before and that is where you go..... however, that may work better for winter vacations...

Mr T said...

You are going to the ONE place on earth that I want to see AND you are just calling in! ha ha Where will you go on your 25th then? The moon?

Just look at it:

You know you could always braid your hair for Winnipeg and Montana

Angelina Lynn said...

Carla- YAH because we had to go to meeting and my hair was a poofy greasy disaster. Plus I was 16 and unmarried. Now I'm married and he wants to go unshowered:P

Trena- we've gotten so psyched up for backpacking that I think even if we were gifted money we'd still do it! But with our work situation we could go at a moments notice if we found something good!

Mr T- Our 25th will be a world cruise:P:P We'll drive through glacier but we have a differant range in mind for backpacking. Backpacking in national parks is a PAIN (according to my husband). I may have to resort to braids. and bandanas. and no picutes.

Anonymous said...

I think a burqa would become you.