Tuesday, March 29, 2011

scones and black tea

Finally- a baking adventure complete with pictures!!

I've eaten scones my whole life and have tried different recipes with varying degrees of success. My grandma always made the healthy version with raisons which weren't my favorite, because of the raisons. But when she made them with chocolate chips?! So good. Then a friend of mine's mom made these Irish scones which were amazing but I was never able to duplicate them even with a copy of the recipe. Frustrating.

A couple months ago I found this recipe on allrecipes.com. It's a pretty good moist scone and I've baked them with a variety of filling stuff. My favorites are cheese or craisins and orange zest. (I want to try using lemon zest and blueberries!)

Here's another recipe that I was recently pointed to, Orange Currant Scones on williams-sonoma.com. It's a very dry scone (think a cross between bread and pastry) that takes a lot of mixing. Of course I over cooked it but it was still really good! Perfect with layers of butter and jam and a good cup of black tea. The only change I made was using craisins instead of currants. [EDIT: I also didn't bother with the food processor- I just cut in the butter by hand. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!!!]

Fancy shmancy photo below:)


GR said...

You have eaten scones your whole live eh? ;) They do look yummy, congrats. P.S I have NEVER been able to duplicate your baking powder biscuits. :( Saddens my heart, they were yum-diddly-dumptious!!

Angelina Lynn said...

The only trick is cutting in the butter!

Anonymous said...

Mmm, that looks delicious! I loooooooove black tea with scones. I have a really good blueberry scone recipe. Good dry texture at first, and then it melts in your mouth like butter. SO GOOD.
PS: your tea pot is adorable!

Angelina Lynn said...

I got that teapot at a garage sale for like a buck in brandon:) what recipe do you use??

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

scones always seem so intimidating to make to me. i have no idea why. maybe i'll give these ones a try!