Tuesday, March 15, 2011

worry, death and japan

Aaron has his one hundred gear, tools and news websites he looks at every day and I have my sewing, crafting and house blogs I look at. I look at mine during the day when Aaron's gone but I have to suffer looking at his with him when he gets home. I've never been more aware of current events then I am now. It probably is a good thing. The devastation in Japan, the democrats vs. the republicans in Wisconsin and unrest in Egypt and the middle east. Last year I would have not even been aware.

It's crazy how uncertain life is. We think we've got everything together and in control. Those of us with type A personalities have our lives planned for the next 50 years. But it doesn't work like that. Death happens. It happens to babies, young people, middle aged people and old people. It is no respecter of persons. We cannot escape it. Earthquakes, disease, accidents...

I'm a worrier by nature and cannot imagine my life without my loved ones. They are all so precious. But I would cope- the Lord would be with me. I don't know how people who aren't Christians deal with death. It must be so scary. Not knowing what comes next. But even though I don't know what my life holds, I know that the Lord holds me in His hands (John 10:28)!!

(So much easier to reason how to deal with sorrow before it occurs. I cannot imagine the sorrow others have gone through. I ache for them- my heart just breaks.)

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