Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the kitchen is PAINTED!

We bought some red and grey paint for the dining room and kitchen. We tested them. Way too dark.

We bought some white paint. It is called "restful white" (or something like that) by Sherwin Williams (they had a 40% off sale!). We tested it. It is yellow. We painted anyway.

Hopefully it grows on us.

Here it is is all it's *shining* glory. (We might be getting KITCHEN CABINETS SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(Our table is in the middle of the kitchen because we plan on sanding the dining room next!)


Georgia said...

I thought you said Aarons favorite colour was yellow? ;)

Angelina Lynn said...

haha! Bright yellow. (He's as fickle as a woman when it comes to colours:P)