Monday, April 18, 2011

Pinterest and Snow

So a week ago Sunday it was 82 degrees F. It snowed like 3 inches last night. The kinda snow that is perfect for a snowball fight, snowmen and making dirty trucks. Did I mention I packed all of our winter stuff away? Oops. Seriously though? After EIGHTY TWO DEGREE WEATHER I STILL NEED TO EXPECT SNOW?!?!?!?!?! Where am I living?

On another note: I found the coolest website ever! It's called "pinterest". It's a place where you can pin any inspiration photos you find online. So rather than rightclicking and saveasing you just click "pin it" up on your toolbar and it stashes to this website. You can browse other people's boards and pins and repin them on your board. Anyway- check out my pins so far:

angelinalynn on
Mostly I have house ideas, but there are some gift ideas. (For instance- the baby mobile?? Not for me:P) The biggest thing we've been collecting is built in bookcase ideas for the den. So many cool ideas!

And! My sister had a baby girl:):)

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