Thursday, April 14, 2011

in case my sister has a girl

So my sister was due some days ago. I think we all need to start cheering baby on so it'll come meet us all. I won't be meeting him/her until July so I guess it doesn't affect me but, poor mommy:( So I had this purse from a different sister that I got red pen all over and couldn't get the stain out. I thought I'd fix it by making something else. A wee shirt to wear with a turtleneck underneath and jeans. (Please ignore the lining that doesn't match. I wanted the inside to feel cozy and didn't.... ah.... like.... look at the combo before sewing.) Tada:

Yah. Unfortunately I forgot in my cutting frenzie to actually CUT THE STAIN OUT. So it's still there. AND I also accidently cut the fabric (sound familiar?!) so it has this weird zigzag patch. So, since I had made so many booboos I had to give it to someone understanding. So Carla gets it. Isn't that nice of me:P HAHA! Don't worry this isn't the real baby gift. That would be mean. If she has another wee boy it'll sit in Carla's closet until SOMEONE IN OUR FAMILY HAS A GIRL! Or we find someone else understanding. Here's the purse the fabric came from, I think it came from Payless?:


carla said...

hehe:-) I didn't notice the pen stain still on it.

GR said...

I can't see said stain. Is it on the back?? It's still cute, here's to hoping Carla gets to use it sooner than later. ;) Poor Shawna, she wanted to have the first girl though. :)

Kammy Wielenga said...

Not sure if you've ever participated in a link party or not but I'd LOVE for you to link this really cute post up!!! It's easy. :) Trash to Treasure Tuesdays on Kammy's Korner (even though it wasn't reeeeally trash to start out with, haha!)