Monday, April 11, 2011

touring metro detroit

My mother-in-law has a year pass for the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn that is expiring soon. So the whole family got ourselves together and made a day of it. I love museums. This one was interesting but a whole lot about America the free, the brave, the beautiful etc etc. I guess I should get used to the patriotism. Kinda over the top though. Anyway, the chair Lincoln died in, the presidential cars back to when there were no cars, steam engines, doll houses, trains, airplanes, cars and much, much more. As most of you are likely shivering in anticipating of SEEING such a museum I will stop describing so as to not ruin any surprises. I know- I'm so kind. I will force you to look at photos though.

Next the IMAX to see a "Corral Reef Adventure". It wasn't particularly adventurous but it really made me want to head somewhere tropical. We then headed to Mexican Town for Lunch.

Just down the street was a pedestrian bridge across the highway. I have no idea what the point was, but we crossed it. (Please forgive the jacket. It was raining. I had to buy the rain jacket when I went to Africa. In January. I left it to a week before I had to go. The only jacket I could find in the city was two sizes too big. I hate it.)

Next we parted company from the in-laws and went over to the old train station. Surrounded by barbed wire, completely deserted and all the glass in the windows busted out. It was beautiful in a really wrong way.

John K. Books. They claim to be the largest seller of used books in Michigan. Four floors. They hand you a MAP when you go in! Aaron was drooling. He said the prices weren't that bad either.

Then to REI for some backpacking induced drooling. (I think we found our pot set! We have to make some test runs first though.) Some visiting with friends on the way home. Long, fun day:)


GR said...

I found the picture of the car quite interesting. Thank you for posting, and I am glad you had a nice outting. ;)

Bobbi J said...

Was there in 1973 with our boys. Did you see the big pot s of molten steel and the Edison laboratory? Love museums!!!

Angelina Lynn said...

It sounds like you are talking about the greenwich village part of the museum- it wasn't open yet. We're going to go again in a month or so when it opens:):)

Penelope said...

hmm...somwhere tropical and Mexican town...sounds like CARMEN!!!! When does the membership expire? Looks like an incredible museum.

Angelina Lynn said...

haha:) that would work! It expires in June I think? So you can go!!