Tuesday, April 12, 2011

little boy gifts??

You can't sew a little boy a dress as a gift. So I wracked the internet and my brain for ideas. I first attempted some bow ties. My nephews vetoed that idea. "Too tight!!" I figured, what was the point spending all that time and energy making something that they didn't even like. One of my brother-in-laws also thought they were way too girly and not manly enough for his future business partner!)

I haven't solved my problem of finding things to make for big little boys but I did find a cute tutorial for wee boys (or girls). It's a goofball! I've seen them in stores but this took the guesswork out of sizing. There's a couple thing's I'd change next time but it worked out pretty well. You could also sew snaps, buttons or velcro to make the toy more entertaining. It's hard finding quiet toys for events/church gatherings so I thought this was pretty perfect. Oh- to stop an active kid from launching it as some old man's head??? Use a soother/pacifier clip to clip the ball to an item. I paired this with a burp cloth made out of two layers of flannel and voila! Baby boy gift!

Sorry this is an awful picture. I didn't have time to take one at home so I had to unwrap the present in the truck and take the photo on my lap. Oops. You get the idea though. (You can't see in the photo but I centered different animals in each section- a giraffe, monkey and lion.)


carla said...

I actually liked the bow tie, except the bow did seem a little big for his neck and the strap a bit too tight. but that could have been my fault in measuring:-) but they are adorable!! and Thadeus did wear it all Sunday morning and didn't try to take it off. I told him he was handsome and that was all he needed:-)

Angelina Lynn said...

haha:) It MUST have been your measuring:P:P You'll have to send a picture so I can see it!!

Danielle said...

I love the little bow ties!! They're so cute!! And the goofballs are such a good idea. I'll have to look that up.