Tuesday, May 17, 2011

what laying slate does to a marriage

Aaron laid our kitchen tile last night and guess what's happening on June 2? OUR KITCHEN CABINETS ARE ARRIVING!!!!!!

I am over the moon excited. I can organize my food stuff. Right now it's all piled on 4 plastic shelving units. I have to rewash items before using them because the dust/sanding/sawdust is drawn to that little corner in piles. I've given up on trying to maintain cleanliness and orderliness. Frustrating. But this too shall pass. It's funny though- as frustrating as it has been I don't think I'll ever look back at this phase of our lives and be horrified. It's been so special and the no kitchen thing is kinda part of the charm. We've spent our first year working on something big together and the sense of accomplishment and togetherness is... special.

Can you tell our one year anniversary is coming up:P:P haha:) May 22:) Time has flown.

Anyway- sap is done.

Aaron left for work one day and told me to take off the hardwood in the kitchen. End of directive. "DUHHHHHHHHHH, howd I do dat?" says I. After being shown (abruptly and efficiently) I proceeded to not so efficiently do what I was shown. I kinda liked it. Reminded me of punching and kicking a bag. Have a mentioned that I now have biceps? Yup. Who'd a thunk. So floor was removed. Floor was sent to in-law's to be burned three weeks before they have a wedding where the burning pile is. Aaron laid cement board. I nailed it down. Apparently I hammer like Aaron hammered when he was 5. I was impressed that I was that good. I did get better (apparently). Two nights ago we figured how we'd be laying it out (interpretation: Aaron told me how he wanted it and then I argued with him:P) Then last night *drum roll* Aaron laid the tile with me digging through boxes and boxes of the stuff looking for just the perfect colours. There was a ton more purple in those boxes that expected. Ha- hello purple kitchen floor! The end.


carla said...

the floor looks great!!! so happy you'll actually have a kitchen now:-) keep posting pics. cant wait to see the cabinets all set up.

Trena said...

oh my word!!!!!!! I can't even imagine how excited you must be! I know how excited I was to renovate our kitchen and I had cupboards in the first place! and yes, floor looks fantastic!

Janna McCalley said...

Looking good! I can be excited with you on the kitchen cabinets-we don't have a arrival date, but I'm told it's "this summer"!
I remember tiling our bathroom and it took us all night because the tile saw kept shorting out and he had to take it apart more then a few times to fix it! Hope your kitchen floor went better then that!

Georgia said...

It is just the kitchen that you are tiling or other parts of your house?

Angelina Lynn said...

Janna- we're doing all of the cuts a different day... one step at a time! That splits it up to be manageable though.

G- just the kitchen for now. We still have some stuff left to do in our bathroom and then in a couple of years we need to tackle the main bath. Fun times:P

Jeanette Lodge said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Maybe I can borrow some ideas from you when we finally do our kitchen. Jeanette Lodge

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

i love all the colors and texture in your slate. we have it in a couple of places and it is so. easy. to keep clean.

isn't it exciting to have a new floor?!