Monday, January 16, 2012

Project 360: Week 2

This week I actually took some photos. Here goes:

The bump at 27 weeks and one of my new maternity skirts! As in someone gave me an old like VOLUPTUOUS, twirly skirt and I remade it into something sane with stretchy stuff for the belly. The pattern is from Simplicity 2451 only I modified it. Substantially. See cause I got this growth....... If anyone actually cares how I modified it comment with your email and I'll give you the juicy details:)


Kammy's Korner said...

HEY! I'm recognizing that skirt... i think?!! haha. Did you get it from someone starting with an "M"? :) Good work, Angelina Lynn.

Angelina Lynn said...

haha that I did:):)

Suzie T said...

You look fabulous!!!:-) My mum was delighted to see a photo with your bump and loves your hair!! Hope your keeping well!;-)