Thursday, February 16, 2012

Project 360: Week 6

Sorry this is rather late... but here is last week in pictures. The cold bug hit me again and I was only doing necessary things.

feb 5: inside of lamp shade
feb 6: bookshelves at someone else' house
feb 7: sign's of labor
feb 8: the best cereal mixture in the world (rice krispies and harvest crunch with raisins and almonds)
feb 9: our first six cloth diapers for baby!!! We got a really good deal:)
feb 10: two and a bit more LONG months!
feb 11: making a baby quilt


rachelle said...

Wow, you are taking some beautiful pictures. You are looking really great Angelina!

cand said...

you are pregnant with beauty!

that was the best i could do for corny jokes. post the funny birth class story!!